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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Creates a new project section on the wiki's project talk page.

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{{Project list entry
|title       = 
|signature   = 
|status      = 
|description = 
|date        =


{{Project list entry
|title       = The project's title, should be short and self-explaining.
|signature   = Your signature. Please use '~~~~' only (is added automatically)!
|status      = The projects status: open, in progress or done. Defaults to 'open'.
|description = The description text. It is possible to use wiki formatting.
|date        = Creation date, defaults to 'today'. However, you may also enter an alternative date.


{{Project list entry
|title       = Cleaning up pictures
|signature   = ~~~
|status      = open
|description = I am going to clean up the old pictures we don't need anymore.
This includes:
*Wiki pictures
*Signature pictures
*dead user pictures
*obsolete pictures

Please leave me a note if you want me to exclude specific ones.
|date        = 2016/03/08

Visit Project list entry/doc to edit this text. (How to: document correctly)