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Use this template to show rewards for quests.

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  • NOTE: As of 05/31/2016 this template has been set up to only use the reward parameter for the following sub-parameters: ability, item, formula, blessing. You may see the old parameters on some pages still. If you're editing it, please refactor the Rewards section to the new (single line) standard.
  • Best useable as single-line statement (makes Wikicode very overviewable)




|craftxp     = xp reward to the current craft school (optional)
|adventurexp = xp reward to the current adventure school (optional)
|money       = rewarded money (optional). Provide in format: 2s 599c.
|reward      = any other reward (item, ability, title, spell, skill etc., optional)


{{Reward|reward=Thurid's Stone of Wrath}}
{{Reward|craftxp=33000|adventurexp=33000|reward=Thurid's Stone of Wrath}}

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