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Urban Summary
Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: ? / ?
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This template is used to summarise information about urban areas, such as guild towns, communities and cities.

Note: On item pages having invalid characters for filenames in their name (colons for example), adding a new image using the info box will not show it. You're still able to add it manually, just add a line '|image=<uploaded filename>' to the below code.

The Coordinate field is filled automatically in the following way:

  • if padx and pady exist, use them
  • if x and y exist, use those instead of padx and pady
  • if both, latitude and longitude coordinates are given, show an additional link to istariareference.com


{{Urban Summary
|padx       = 
|pady       = 
|gatex      = 
|gatey      = 
|shrinex    = 
|shriney    = 
|numplots   = 
|numlairs   = 
|gatekeeper = 
|x          = 
|y          = 


{{Urban Summary
|padx       = latitude coordinate of the landing pad
|pady       = longitude coordinate of the landing pad
|gatex      = latitude coordinate of the portal
|gatey      = longitude coordinate of the portal
|shrinex    = latitude coordinate of the shrine
|shriney    = longitude coordinate of the shrine
|numplots   = No. of plots
|numlairs   = No. of Lairs
|gatekeeper = Name of the gatekeeper, line is hidden by default
|x          = latitude coordinate of the location
|y          = longitude coordinate of the location


{{Urban Summary
|padx       = 25220
|pady       = 25897
|gatex      = 25242
|gatey      = 25940
|shrinex    = 25163
|shriney    = 25935
|numplots   = 5
|numlairs   = 2
|gatekeeper = Master Harro
|x          = 25000
|y          = 26000

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