The Amulet of Scorpus

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The Amulet of Scorpus
Type: Errand
Voriss Bakal 
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Previous Quest: Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 3) 
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New Cults have arisen across the land. One such Cult, known as the Cult of Scorpus, has been attacking tradesmen traveling between Tishlar and Dryart. You recovered a strange amulet from the High Priest of Scorpus when you defeated him and now the so-called Archaeologist Voriss Bakal believes it deserves additional research.

Quest text[edit]

Voriss tells you, <player>, I have been studying the amulet you recovered from the High Priest of Scorpus. It appears to be quite old and these markings are not familiar to me. *she points at the symbols around the edges* Given time I could decipher these as this sort of thing is mere child's play to us archaeologists, but I see an opportunity here.

Voriss tells you, Yes, most definitely an opportunity. <player>, you should take this amulet to one with more learning and experience than I possess at this time. Here, take it and speak with Dennison Jadefellow in Dalimond. Be sure and let him know I sent you to him for he will want to know the source of this amulet to give proper credit where it is due.

You have received 1 Amulet of Scorpus.

Dennison tells you, Good day, <player>, what brings you back to these parts? An amulet of ancient origin? Indeed. Well, let me see it. *he gingerly takes it from you*

He walks over to the bookshelf and retrieves a large tome with yellowed pages..

Dennison tells you, *he turns it over and over inspecting the symbols* Yes, this is most ancient. The markings are odd. Where did you find it? West of Tishlar carried by a priest of Scorpus. Scorpus... Hm. *he pauses*

Dennison tells you, This, <player>, is the Tome of Kan'tish and is very very old. My sources tell me it survived the Fall of Barasavus, maybe even Mellohndar though that is a claim few, even myself, believe.

Dennison tells you, *he turns the pages carefully before stopping at one on which you see a drawing of what appears to be a scorpion* Here it is. Its as I suspected. *he turns the amulet over to catch the symbol in the light* The symbol here on this amulet is the Symbol of Scorpus as it appears in this very book. Scorpus was one of the ancient gods, shunned by the Pantheon.

Dennison tells you, The caption says "He who bears this shall not fear the sting of Scorpus." I do not know what that means, but it is interesting nonetheless. Here, take the Amulet my friend, as you earned it and it is not mine to keep. Perhaps you can find some use for it, adorning a shield or your chest.

You have received 1 Amulet of Scorpus.