The First Hunt

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The First Hunt
Type: Adventure
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Next Quest: The First Hunt II 

Ssathe in Sslanis has told you of the ritual of the first hunt. Ssathe cannot instruct you on the ritual itself. Instead, Ssathe has told you to obtain the head of a Brownsnout Sow, and bring it to Ssthar the Elder in Sslanis. This will prove you are worthy of instruction.

Quest text[edit]

Ssathe tells you, The first hunt, yes Gifted One, Ssathe will tell you of this. It is tradition that all Sslik must perform the ritual before being fully accepted into the tribe.

Ssathe tells you, It is no simple matter Gifted One, and many who attempt it do not survive. In recent years, this tradition has been ignored by many young Sslik, Ssathe blames the influence of the other races.

Ssathe tells you, We Sslik pride ourselves on our abilities in combat. The ritual of the first hunt is but the start of the path one must walk to become a true Sslik hunter. Ssathe has walked this path, does <player> walk it as well?

Ssathe tells you, It brings Ssathe great joy to hear this. Still, Ssathe has not the wisdom to guide you on this path. <player> must speak to Ssthar the Elder here in Sslanis. Ssthar is wise, Ssthar knows the old ways and traditions the young Sslik must learn. However, Ssthar does not give this guidance to just anyone.

Ssathe tells you, <player> must prove to Ssthar that <player> has the potential to succeed in the ritual. Before Ssthar the Elder will teach <player>, <player> must bring Ssthar the head of an Angry Gruok Sow. If <player> has the skill to bring down a wild beast, perhaps <player> will be able to perform the ritual after all. These Gruok are often found in the hills further down this road.

You have looted 1 Gruok Head.

You have removed the head from the Brownsnout Sow!.

Ssthar tells you, Ahh, Ssthar can see the young Ssathe is at it again, telling the young Gifted of the ritual of the first hunt.


  • Talk to Ssathe
  • Talk to Ssathe
  • Kill a Brownsnout Sow found east of Sslanis in the hills.
  • Remove the Sow's Head from its Body (Loot it)
  • Find Ssthar the Elder in Sslanis and present Ssthar with the Gruok Head.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 2000