The First Hunt II

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The First Hunt II
Type: Adventure
Ssthar the Elder 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
Previous Quest: The First Hunt 
Next Quest:  

Ssthar the Elder in Sslanis has offered you the chance to attempt the ritual of the first hunt. For generations, the Sslik have performed this ritual to prove they are capable of defending themselves. Should the need arise.

Quest text[edit]

Ssthar tells you, The head of this Gruok proves that <player> may have the potential to attempt the ritual. In the days when Ssthar was a hatchling, the Elders would have let only a Sslik attempt the ritual. Even our greatest friends, the Saris, were forbidden to attempt it. Ssthar understands why, but time has passed, and now it is different story. The knowledge must be shared if the Sslik are to survive the onslaught of the Withered Aegis.

Ssthar tells you, The Sslik did not always live in the jungle, young <player>. No, the Sslik were nomads before coming to this jungle and founding Sslanis. The founding of Sslanis came at great cost. Always the Sslik were forced to defend attacks from our bitter rivals.

Ssthar tells you, An enemy can be many things <player>. An enemy need not always be cunning and strong. Sometimes numbers and instinct are enough to provide a worthy challenger. The jungle crawlers that surround Sslanis are this kind of enemy. Since the founding of Sslanis, the Sslik have battled this enemy. It is now Carmelia's turn.

Ssthar tells you, Often have the Jungle Crawlers stolen our eggs. Killed our hatchlings. The eight-legged ones are totally incapable of learning to respect our boundaries. The Sslik have always had to fight them. This is how the ritual of the first hunt began.

Ssthar tells you, The Jungle Crawlers must die and <player> will be the one to kill them. Prove oneself in combat by killing ten Jungle Hatchlings, eight Jungle Crawler Soldiers, and six Jungle Crawler Breeders. Collect six thoraxes from the Breeders. <player> will need them to complete the ritual. Good luck to <player>, as one begins the first hunt!

You have obtained six Jungle Crawler Thoraxes..

You have successfully killed ten Jungle Crawler Hatchlings..

You have successfully killed eight Jungle Crawler Soldiers..

You have successfully killed six Jungle Crawler Breeders..

Ssthar tells you, <player> makes Ssthar fill with pride! Ssthar was hoping <player> could do it, and <player> did not disappoint. Ssthar knows the ritual was difficult, but the knowledge gained will be worth it <player>. Listen closely.

Ssthar tells you, The lesson the first hunt teaches is one that all Sslik hunters must learn. Take your enemy's best weapon and use it against them. Inside each Breeder thorax there is a venom sac, which makes the Jungle Crawler deadly. <player> will use this venom against enemies.

Ssthar tells you, To complete the ritual and receive the knowledge, <player> must travel to the ruined pyramid in the jungles, North of Sslanis. Ascend the pyramid and claim the knowledge, Hunter. When <player> is stronger, come and see Ssthar again. There may be more for <player> to do.

As you ascend the pyramid, you follow the path the Sslik have walked for generations. Suddenly all becomes clear to you, and you gain the knowledge of the hunter..

You received the Hunter's Retribution I technique formula..

You have received 1 Formula: Beginner Hunter's Retribution.


Target mobs[edit]