The Ghostbuster

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The Ghostbuster
Type: Adventure
Morran Gizmogrinder 
Located at:
New Rachival 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
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Morran Gizmogrinder is researching defenses against necromantic energy in hopes of developing an anti-undead force field. Her work is at a critical stage and she needs a few items...

Quest text[edit]

Morran tells you, Say, Elteria, are you doing anything right now? I could really use some assistance if you have a few minutes. I'll pay you with something or other, and you'd be helping out the Empire. Helping the Empire is always motivating for the Gifted, isn't it? Well, it should be and I hope it is, because this really is a very important project... What? Well, yes, I suppose it would help to tell you what I need first.

Morran tells you, I need you to get hold of 20 mithril bars and take them to Devisha Humja in Mahagra. She's waiting for the delivery so she can turn the bars into wire. Once she finishes, I'll need you to take the wire to Noncas Fizzlebot in Aughundell. I think he spends most of his time in the little smithy outside the city gate. Once he's finished with the meridian baffles, bring them back to me and I'll tell you what I need next. Got it? Great! Thank you so much!

Devisha tells you, You here for the mithril wire? Good, about time Morran sent someone for it. I already have it drawn & ready. Just give me those bars and you can be on your way, no waiting at all. Thank you, and here's the wire Morran wanted. Good day to you!

You have received 1 Morran's Mithril Wire.

Noncas tells you, Working on Morran's secret project, are you? Do you know what it is? No? Of course not! It's Need- To-Know, you know, and if I don't know, you obviously don't. So stop trying to make me tell you what I don't know, because I won't. Here you go, all finished. Tell Morran that I still don't know what it is, but I'm glad I could help! What are you waiting for? Off with you! Science never sleeps, you know!

You have received 1 Meridian Baffles.

Morran tells you, Ah, thank you very much. Please don't think badly of Noncas. He means well, but, well, social skills have never been an area of interest for him. Please don't tell anyone I said that...

Anyway, here's the coin I promised you. Are you ready to hear about the next item I need help with?

Morran tells you, I need a refined cobalt support chassis for my platinum-iridium energy shielding. Regular cobalt won't do - it must be refined from cobalt golem fragments. They need to be as pure as possible, which means freshly looted. It'll mean killing a lot of golems, but it's the only way to get materials that are uncontaminated. Once you've looted 20 cobalt golem fragments, please take them to Althanas, the dragon smelting trainer outside Chiconis. I have to pay in hoard items, but the results are worth it.

You have received 1 Morran's Payment to Althanas.

That's the last of the cobalt golem frags Morran needs. Take them to Althanas quickly so they don't have a chance to get contaminated..

Althanas tells you, Yes, Elteria, what do you need? Oh, yes, the little gnome's secret project. You have my payment, I assume? Excellent. Wait here a moment.

Wait while Althanas refines the golem fragments..

Althanas appears to be finished..

Althanas tells you, Here you are, crafted exactly to the specifications provided. If there's nothing else, I have work to do.

You have received 1 Morran's Refined Cobalt Ingots.

Morran tells you, Is that my cobalt? Ooh, yes, wonderful, let me see it, please! Whoa-ho-ho, now that's what I call molecular integrity! One thing you can be sure of, Elteria, is that money spent on quality materials is money spent very well indeed. Or on tools, of course, but EVERYONE knows that! Give me a few minutes to set this up.

Morran tells you, Just another fine day to experiment with tinkering. It's a shame old Rachival is now overrun with automatons and undead, you know -- imagine the inventions and schematics locked within the rusted walls of the city! What notes and designs must have been left behind! I'm no Gangaf when it comes to new contraptions, but I'd love to see our city restored and the records found... there must have been so much forgotten in the flight.

Morran appears to be finished with the device she was working on..

Morran tells you, Excellent! Energy shielding positive function! Now, I just need a few more things : some veteran ghost vapors. If I can get some solid readings on the psychomagnetic energy valences in the corpus etherium and correlate it with the ectoplasmic decay rate - assuming that stays constant - we might be able to actually capture and contain undead entities! So, do you feel up to collecting five veteran ghost vapors for me? I'll pay you ten silver for each of them. I know you'll be destroying quite a good number of undead in order to get those five vapors, so I'd like you to carry a valence induction analyzer with you while you're hunting. I can use the data it will collect. Be careful out there!

You have received 1 Valence Induction Analyzer.

That's the last veteran ghost vapor Morran asked for. Head back to New Rachival and collect your reward..

Morran tells you, Well, that didn't take too long. Why don't you run off to a tavern & get something to eat? It's going to take me several minutes to go through all this data and analyze those ghost vapors. Oh, and while you're there, could you grab me a chef salad? I'm starving! Here's a little extra for the salad. You can keep the change.

Morran should probably be finished analyzing the data by now. Don't forget her salad..

Morran tells you, Just in time, Elteria. Did you remember my salad? Oh, wonderful, thank you! I just finished the final calibrations on the Venkman matrix and the functional profile is nominal! The Gnomish Ectoplasmic Consciousness Keeper is ready for field trials. Care to be the first to utilize a totally untested device?

Morran tells you, Wait, wait! Don't run away, I was mostly kidding! It powered up successfully during bench testing, so the odds of an explosion are... well, really really tiny. Negligible, even. I need you to take the GECK with you while you kill a few more veteran ghosts. If everything goes well, the GECK will collect and capture the ectoplasmic consciousness of the entity as soon as you disrupt its interactional manifestation on this plane. What? Well, 'kill it' just sounds so... unscientific. Anyway, I just need you to destroy five veteran ghosts and then return to me as soon as you can. If the GECK is working correctly, we should catch at least one of them. Good luck!

You have received 1 G.E.C.K..

That was the last of the ghosts Morran asked you to kill. So, in addition to the device exploding, now you have to worry about whatever's in there getting loose and attacking you! Better get the GECK back to her as fast as possible..

Morran tells you, See, I told you it wasn't going to explode. Wait right here while I check the containment unit.

Morran tells you, Just another fine day to experiment with tinkering. It's a shame old Rachival is now overrun with automatons and undead, you know -- imagine the inventions and schematics locked within the rusted walls of the city! What notes and designs must have been left behind! I'm no Gangaf when it comes to new contraptions, but I'd love to see our city restored and the records found... there must have been so much forgotten in the flight.

Morran is finished examining the GECK, but she doesn't look very happy..

Morran tells you, Ohhhh... ENTROPY!!!! I just don't understand it! Everything is functioning normally and the operational log says that multiple targets were detected and acquired, but all of them broke containment somehow. This is very disappointing, but I'll keep working on it. Thank you again for all of your help. Check back with me now & then and I'll let you know if I need more samples or another field test. Toodles!


  • Bring 20 mithril bars to Devisha Humja in Mahagra.
  • Deliver the wire to Noncas Fizzlebot in Aughundell
  • Return to Morran Gizmogrinder in New Rachival with the finished Meridian Baffles.
  • Kill cobalt golems until you have looted 20 cobalt golem fragments
  • Take the golem frags to Althanas as quickly as possible.
  • Wait while Althanas refines the golem fragments.
  • Speak to Althanas about the refined cobalt golem fragments
  • Take the Refined Cobalt Ingots to Morran
  • Wait while Morran works on her project.
  • Speak to Morran about the next step in her project.
  • Loot 5 Veteran Ghost Vapors. Veteran ghosts are those which are found on the islands known as Satyr Islands.
  • Take the 5 Veteran Ghost Vapors to Morran in New Rachival
  • Find a Chef Salad for Morran while she's working on the data you brought her.
  • See if Morran is finished and bring her the Chef Salad she asked for.
  • Field test the GECK by killing 5 veteran ghosts
  • Return the GECK to Morran as quickly as possible
  • Wait while Morran examines the GECK to see what you captured.
  • Talk to Morran about the field test results.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 35000
  • Money: 100s