The Lone Wolf of New Trismus

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The Lone Wolf of New Trismus
Type: Adventure
Rancher Elden 
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
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Required skill:
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Rancher Elden complains of a large wolf attacking his cattle. Elden wants you to track down the wolf, kill it, and bring him its hide as proof of the deed. He suggests you start your search for the wolf somewhere south of his ranch. The wolf's den is most likely deep under New Trismus island.

Quest text[edit]

Elden tells you, Look, Dragon - Have you happened to cross paths with an unusually large wolf recently? A wolf that was alone, and with an injured leg?

Elden tells you, Yes a lone wolf, and a particularly nasty one at that. For a few weeks now my calves have been turning up dead. Killed in the night. I was worried an entire pack of wolves had been raiding my ranch. Until I found the true culprit last night.

Elden tells you, During the night I decided to guard my herd. With bow in hand I caught the offending creature. It was an old wolf, alone, but so large that I did not dare to approach it. Instead, I wounded the animal in the leg with an arrow from my bow. I last saw the wolf fleeing towards the south.

Elden tells you, South, down over the cliff, actually. The beast is wounded and likely starving. I fear it may be more dangerous than ever. Listen, Dragon Adventurer, I cannot leave my herd. However, if you were to dispatch the creature, I'd reward you for your part.

Elden tells you, Very well. You do look like the sort capable of such a feat. Bring me the beast's hide as proof of its death, and then we will see about your reward.

You've slain the wolf! Collect its hide and return to Rancher Elden..

Elden tells you, Son of a Satyr! Judging by the size of that wolf's hide you must have had quite a battle... Look <player>, that's a darn fine job you did! I think you ought to keep that wolf's hide to prove it. In fact, if you'll allow me, I've an idea about how you might put that hide to good use.

Elden tells you, As a Rancher I've gotten to be pretty handy. I've even learned how to make a few things over the years. I think that hide could be used to make a couple of different items. I think it could be used to create a fine hilt for a blade, or even a sturdy handle for a harvesting tool. I'll teach you how to make both. However, what you choose to make with it is enterly up to you. I'm sure once you've created the item you'll agree that it is an appropriate reward. Come back and see me again someday, a Rancher like me can always find use for a strong hand.

You have received the Wolf Hide Blade recipe..

You have received 1 Formula: Wolf Hide Blade.


  • Talk to Rancher Elden.
  • Slay the Lone Wolf and bring its hide to Rancher Elden as proof of the deed.
  • Return to Rancher Elden and show him the wolf hide.
  • Talk to Rancher Elden.

Target mobs[edit]