The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf)

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The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf)
Type: Crafting
Gangaf Tagley 
Located at:
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Previous Quest: The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard 
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While exacting a measure of revenge for Jemmei Brocklebor in Ashlander's Cauldron you came across a particularly curious shard of rose quartz. You brought it to the eminent Gnomish Tinkerer in Dalimond, Gangaf Tagley, who believes he can harness the inherent fire properties of the Shard for you.

Quest text[edit]

Gangaf tells you, You have decided that the Shard is worthy of further work, yes? Good, good! Together we shall create an Artifact worthy of the Greatest of the Tinkerers! Now, let me have this shard and we shall begin. Quickly, <player>!

Gangaf tells you, Well, now, where to begin. This will be no easy task, <player>, but I trust you can follow directions? Good! Now, first the shard must be cleansed. Regular water won't do, its nowhere near pure enough! The closest source that you can reach would be the Pool of Harmony near the Cleric's Tower. Go there, use this Crystal Flask, and bring me ten units of Blessed Water.

You have received 1 Crystal Flask.

You've gathered sufficient Blessed Water for Gangaf's purposes. Return with the water to Dalimond..

Gangaf tells you, Hmm? Oh... Yes, this water will do. *he takes the flask and water from you* Now, I will set about cleansing the Shard while you recover a tool for me. You see, we must use a special gem cutter to properly shape and inscribe the Shard. A standard gem cutter won't be near sharp enough. Fortunately for us I own a Diamond-Tipped Gem Cutter. But I loaned it out a while back and have not had the time to ask for it back.

Gangaf tells you, So perhaps you can do that for me, yes? Go speak with Arthis Tandorr in South March about my gem cutter. I don't know what he's doing with it, but he's an old friend and he asked to borrow it some time back. Be careful on your way, I hear the roads can be treacherous these days!

Arthis tells you, <player>, come in, come in! Speak up why don't you? What brings you here? Saris Got your Tongue, eh? Well, well, a mute Saris. Never thought I'd see the day! *he laughs loudly* What was that? A peep? Gangaf, you say? Oh... *he looks crestfallen* I suppose he wants his gem cutter back, doesn't he? Well, can't say I didn't enjoy the use of it. *he hands you a very dirty, scratched gem cutter* Well, there you go. Now off with you, I'm busy!

You have received 1 Diamond-Tipped Gem Cutter.

Gangaf tells you, Ah, there you are! With the gem cutter in hand! Well done, <player>. Arthis give you any trouble? No? Good, good. He's a sly one, he is, but he's also one of the best jewelers this side of the Barasavian Desert. Now, let us see. Where was I? Oh yes, essence. One final task awaits you, <player>. With the shard Cleansed and soon to be cut, we'll need to prepare to enhance its fiery properties.

Gangaf tells you, To enhance the Shard's properties we'll need some Flame-Imbued Pale Essence Orbs. What are they? Not surprised if you haven't heard of them. They are Pale Essence Orbs imbued with the power of Flame Essence, which is only found in the Kion Volcano. I don't care how you get it, acquire it from another of the Gifted or gather and imbue it yourself, but return here to me when you have ten orbs.

Gangaf tells you, <player>, welcome back. You acquire the orbs, I trust? Good! *he looks them over* Yes, these will do. Well done. Now, I've cleansed and carved the Shard already. All there is to do is imbue it with the orbs and it should be ready. Give me a moment, please.

Gangaf has likely finished imbuing the Perfect Shard now. Return to him in Dalimond..

Gangaf tells you, *he smiles broadly at you* Here we are, <player>. This turned out better than I had hoped, I dare say! It is quite warm, but cooling quickly. Here you are, let me know how it works for you. The fiery properties of the Shard were enhanced more than I had expected, but the benefits should outweigh my lingering concerns.

You have received 1 Shield Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard.


  • You need to get those on your own.
  • Return with the Blessed Water to Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond
  • Retrieve the Diamond-Tipped Gem Cutter from Arthis Tandorr in South March
  • Return to Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond with the Diamond-Tipped Gem Cutter
  • Acquire ten (10) Flame-Imbued Pale Essence Orbs by any means and return with them to Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond
    You do not need to craft them on your own.
  • Wait for Gangaf to Imbue the Perfect Shard with the Essence Orbs
  • Speak with Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond about the Perfect Shard


  • Adventure Experience: 22500
  • Money: 12s 500c
  • Reward: Crystal Flask