The Ruined Homestead

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The Ruined Homestead
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Ruined Homestead 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
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Next Quest: The Ruined Homestead 2 

Braekhis and Allanti have been sent out to set up a camp and gather intelligence on the Ruined Homestead. Steward Pratt was hoping to be able to reclaim the ruins and clean them up so that they can be used for the refugees of New Trismus.

Quest text[edit]

Braekhis tells you, Allanti and I have been out here discussing how to get in and investigate the ruins over there. We were sent here from town by Steward Pratt to determine if the homestead can be reclaimed, but we've had difficulty coming up with a strategy with just the two of us. We feel we need someone with more ability than either of us have to go in and investigate.

Braekhis tells you, We need you to head past the maggots and into the ruined homestead itself. The place is haunted, of that much we know. But we need to know why it is haunted. Perhaps one of the ghosts there will reveal something, or there is some clue in the ruins themselves that will tell us something. I know we sound a bit desperate, but truth be told, we are. Kill the ghosts and see if more appear would be the first thing for you to try. If none do, we can send in a crew to cleanse the area.

Having killed a number of the ghosts, it seems to you that their numbers aren't down at all. Perhaps you should go back and speak to Braekhis and Allanti further to see what they think..

Braekhis tells you, We have some interesting news. Some of the information we'd sent to the Archives for has come back. Please give us some time to look over it some more and from there we will determine what to do.


  • Talk to Braekhis
  • Head into the Ruined Homestead and try clearing out the ghosts. Kill 10 of them and see if that seems to reduce the overall haunting of the area.
  • Return to Braekhis and Allanti. Speak to either and see if they have discovered anything in the time you've been gone.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 500