The Ruined Homestead 2

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The Ruined Homestead 2
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Ruined Homestead 
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Previous Quest: The Ruined Homestead 
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Braekhis and Allanti have information about the Ruined Homestead. In talking to them, together you determined that the best possible course of action would be to try to find and kill a ghost who goes by the name of Attor. In life he was a penny-pinching merchant who may have crossed the wrong person, which is perhaps why his home was destroyed.

Quest text[edit]

Braekhis tells you, You will never believe what they found. We'd sent to the Archivist in Dalimond for any information about the old Ruined Homestead, and they found it. Here in the records was a ledger from years ago, long before New Trismus was much of a town even. It seems this area used to be the home of a merchant named Attor and his family.

Braekhis tells you, It seems this Attor was a rather stingy fellow. He had some business dealings which may not have been fully reported to the Empire, and some things which may not have been exactly legal. It is a bit sketchy even with the records we've had, but it seems Attor may have crossed the wrong fellow in his dealings. This, of course, leaves us wondering, though, why the place is still haunted.

Allanti tells you, Here's our thoughts on it. We are thinking that there is some reason why Attor still remains, why his ghost is trapped here. Which, of course, is only natural. Like that story about Revion's ghost. Only with Attor, we suspect something much more sinister. So we're sending you into the Homestead again. Search around, find Attor, kill his ghost and hopefully you'll find something which solves the mystery and can put these ghosts to rest once and for all.

You pick up a ring from the fallen remains of Attor's Ghost. Inside it is a note. Perhaps this explains why Attor's home was destroyed years ago? You should return to Braekhis and show her the note..

Braekhis tells you, This is interesting, very interesting. It seems this note from Tobias promised to pay a great deal of coin to Attor in exchange for this ring. But the ring is clearly a forgery. The "jewels" are nothing more than cut glass. One must wonder if this is why Attor was killed. Well, it is no matter. Hopefully if we destroy the ring and the note both, Attor's ghost will be put to rest once and for all. Allanti and I can handle matters from here on. You should continue on your way.


  • Speak to Braekhis and find out more of the story of the Homestead on New Trismus.
  • Talk with the women and see what you can do about the haunted homestead.
  • You have been tasked with killing the ghost known as Attor. He can be found within the remains of the old homestead.
  • Return with the ring and the note to Braekhis. As a Spiritist, she is most likely to be able to determine how this all fits together.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 800
  • Money: 500c