The Town Marshalls of Istaria

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The Town Marshalls of Istaria
Type: Adventure
Steward Pratt McGrubben 
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
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Required skill level:
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Steward Pratt will explain to you what role the various Town Marshalls of Istaria's main cities play and the tasks they have for you.

Quest text[edit]

Pratt tells you, You wish to learn more about the Town Marshalls of Istaria, yes? And more to the point, the tasks they have for you. I will do that for you and give you a sample task as well.

Pratt tells you, There are a few major cities spread across Istaria, but only some have acting Town Marshall's still. You see, some of the cities have Marshalls who have retired or are on holiday, and thus not every city has an active Town Marshall at the moment. Those cities which do are Kion, Sslanis, Dalimond, Chiconis, New Rachival, Mahagra, Kirasanct, Dralk, and Aughundell. Well, and of course here. I act as Town Marshall for the island of New Trismus.

Pratt tells you, I am, of course, also Steward for the town, and so know all that happens on our little island. But that's not what you want to know right now, is it? Periodically the Town Marshalls will all meet in one of the cities we represent to discuss what issues are currently concerning the people in our assigned region. From there, we arrange various tasks that we ask you, one of the Gifted, for help in completing.

Pratt tells you, For example, at our latest meeting, it was discussed that the wild grulets on the island here are getting more aggressive and have started encroaching on the activities here in town. So my task for you is to step just outside of town here and kill 10 of them. Should be an easy task for one as worthy as you are. Return to me when you have and I'll explain further.

Taking care of the little grulets wasn't much of a challenge, but at least now you understand what sort of tasks you'll be asked to do..

Pratt tells you, I realize the task was quite easy for you. Don't expect them all to be so easy. No Town Marshall will assign you a task that is extremely difficult for you, but you will find some more challenging than others. You will be able to repeat our tasks daily, though, so as you do so you'll gain experience with that particular creature, and thus the challenge will lessen with each attempt. You won't ever find that our tasks become so trivial that we won't offer them to you, but as time goes by you will discover that the reward that we can offer for completing a particular task is so small that you may not wish to attempt it.

Pratt tells you, And speaking of reward, here is your reward for completing my task. The token I'm giving you can be exchanged with any Town Marshall for a wide variety of items that we've collected over the years. You won't be able to use all of them right away. In some cases, you'll have to complete a different quest, or have obtained a certain experience level to use the item we offer. But there should be something available to Gifted of every experience level at the appropriate city's Town Marshall.

You have received 1 Token of Gratitude.


  • Speak with Steward Pratt about the Town Marshall's role and learn what task he has for you.
  • Head out of town and find the Wild Grulets that have been making themselves a nuisance to the citizens of New Trismus. Kill 10 of them and then return to Pratt.
  • Return to New Trismus and speak to Steward Pratt.

Target mobs[edit]