Tower of Clerics

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Tower of Clerics
Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 23827 / 20389
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Tower of Clerics is a Outpost on the Dalimond Peninsula, southeast of Slate Crest. The Blessed Water Well is the source of Blessed Water. The Pond of Harmony is close to the tower.

NPCs and creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Archbishop Tomas AguaArchbishop10423,84020,362
Barin the WatcherWatcher10523,81620,382
Bishop Adan OrlasBishop5123,81420,396
Bishop Ronae il'TorBishop4123,83220,378
Cleric Gir LynnaeCleric4223,84720,400
Scholar Kayl ReynosScholar4823,80420,364
Sister Tabbitha CatharineCleric7023,83620,390
Tower GuardCleric3123,82020,416

No creatures around.
No named creatures seen here.



Holy Symbols: Symbol of LifeClericBishop Adan Orlas0
Cleansing the Corruption IBarin the Watcher0
Cleansing the Corruption IIBarin the Watcher0
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of AshlanderClericBishop Adan Orlas0
Corruption of the Spirit IIBarin the Watcher0
Cleric's Tower: Ancient WrappingsScholar Kayl Reynos0
Cleric's Tower: A Fragmented SoulScholar Kayl Reynos0
Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of HelianArchbishop Tomas Agua0
Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Ashlander VandusBishop Ronae il'Tor0
Cleric's Tower: Ghostly EctoplasmScholar Kayl Reynos0
Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Ashlander VandusArchbishop Tomas Agua34
Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Ashlander Vandus (2)Bishop Ronae il'Tor35
Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal RestBishop Ronae il'Tor38
Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest (2)Bishop Ronae il'Tor38
Niesa's Bonds (Part 6)Archbishop Tomas Agua90
Niesa's Bonds (Conclusion)Archbishop Tomas Agua90