Trials of the Gifted

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Trials of the Gifted
Type: Errand
Located at:
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Next Quest: Trials of the Gifted: Test of Knowledge 

Collect the following 5 tokens: Knowledge, Wit, Swiftness, Endurance, and Soul. This will help show the Imperial Council of Tazoon just what the Gifted are capable of.

Quest text[edit]

Krianos tells you, I am pleased to hear that you will take the challenge, <player> Wolf Hunter. The Imperial Council has long known of the rise of a new trait appearing among members of all the Living Races of Istaria. This trait, belonging to those people known as the "Gifted," appears to grant its owners the ability to survive death. Though death is not necessarily painless for these people, the Gift itself is indisputable, and the value of these people in our Empire's struggle against the Withered Aegis is sure to be great.

Krianos tells you, The Gifted have been appearing in Istaria for over two decades now, but the Imperial Council feels we do not have enough information about what these Gifted individuals are capable of. The Withered Aegis has been held at bay, but it has not been destroyed. We know that they are mighty, but we do not yet know the full extent of their armies, and we have not begun our counterattack in earnest. In fact, we have grown lax in our vigilance, and the Undead foes are encroaching upon our communities. In order to assess our strength against this foe, the Council wishes to discover what other talents the Gifted have, and in order to do so they have designed a series of trials. There are five tests the Council wishes to administer to you. For each that you complete there will be a small reward, but if you complete all five you shall receive a greater award and great prestige. Do you wish to show your worth by taking on this challenge?

Krianos tells you, There are five parts to the challenge. Endurance, a test to determine the limits of a Gifted citizen's ability to persevere despite the heavy burden they carry. Swiftness, a test to determine how swiftly the Gifted can travel. Wit, a test to determine the capacity of a Gifted citizen's ability to reason and think creatively. Soul, a test to ensure that the Gifted citizen's heart is strong. And knowledge, a test to determine the Gifted's ability to learn and recall all they must know to prevail against the Withered Aegis. You may find the Imperial Assessor of Knowledge up in the library in Lady Kendra's home. He will be the first assessor you will speak with. Each will then guide you to the next. When you have completed all the trials, return to me for your reward.

Assessor tells you, Ah, yes. The test of knowledge. Allow me a moment to compose some directions for you as you will be traveling around the area for this test. Speak to me again in a moment.


  • Listen to Town Marshall Krianos.
  • Speak to the Assessor of Knowledge. He is in the library in Lady Kendra's home. Her home is up on the hill here in the city of Kion.