Trials of the Gifted: Test of Endurance

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Trials of the Gifted: Test of Endurance
Type: Errand
Imperial Assessor of Endurance 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Trials of the Gifted: Test of the Soul 
Next Quest: Trials of the Gifted: Test of Wit 

A test to determine the limits of a Gifted citizen's Endurance.

Quest text[edit]

Assessor tells you, See if you can carry this burden to my assistant here in the city. He'll reward you if you've the stamina to make it all the way there. You can find him out past the Vault building up near the Militia House. You should check in with Sharista on the way, however, to be sure that the weight I give you is still being carried by you. No cheating and handing it off to someone else to carry!

You feel as though the Weight of the World is upon your shoulders..

You have received 1 The Weight of the World.

A jocular elderly man ambles up to you. "When you're done with that, I've got an acre needs plowin'. Heh heh heh!" he cackles..

You are certain you are going to expire. Your strength is all but gone..

Assistant of Endurance tells you, Oh my! You really did make it! I see you've also learned that removing the Weight of the World from one's shoulders is not so simple as it appears. Even so, this is very impressive. Very impressive indeed.

Assistant of Endurance tells you, You might want to rest for a bit... Anyway, here's your Token of Endurance, and some compensation for your ... er ... considerable effort.

The assistant glances up from the notes he is scribbling. As he looks at you more closely, his eyes widen, and his face goes quite pale..

You have received 1 Imperial Token of Endurance.

Assessor tells you, Ah, ready to have your wits tested, I see. So be it. Give me a moment to write your first riddle and then we can begin.


  • Show your burden to Sharista, the vaultkeeper in Kion, so that it may be examined to ensure you have the same burden as you walk through town.
  • Carry the heavy weight to the Assessor's Assistant. He can be found out past Sharista's vault near the home of the local Militia.
  • Speak to the Assessor of Wit. She is found down the hill from your current location back in the large building with the vault.