Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 3)

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Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 3)
Type: Adventure
Sergeant Benal Tokash 
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Previous Quest: Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 2) 
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New Cults have arisen across the land. One such Cult, known as the Cult of Scorpus, has been attacking tradesmen traveling between Tishlar and Dryart. You attempted to kill cultists to send a message of warning, but it was ignored. Now you have recovered Prayer Scrolls from the Priests and the information within may have given the Sergeant a potential solution to the cult problem.

Quest text[edit]

Benal tells you, These scrolls are most interesting, <player>. I am sure the scholars back in Dalimond would love to have these to study, but there is no time for that. I have reviewed all of the scrolls and most of them repeat the same propaganda about the Expulsion of Scorpus from the Pantheon, the Return of Scorpus, the Day of Reckoning, and so forth.

Benal tells you, Every scroll speaks of Scorpus herself. *she holds up one scroll in particular* This scroll, however, spoke of a High Priest and his part in her Return. We must kill that high priest, <player>, if we are to end the threat of the cult. Therefore, your mission is clear; return to Cult Territory, locate the High Priest and kill him.

You have defeated the High Priest of Scorpus and recovered an Amulet. Return to Sergeant Tokash and report your finding...

Benal tells you, Is the High Priest defeated? Yes? Excellent, excellent. The rumors then are true of your prowess and dedication. What is that you have recovered? An amulet from the priest himself? Most intriguing.

Voriss tells you, *ahem* Excuse me, might I see that?

Voriss tells you, What have you there, <player>? I am something of an archaeologist and researcher you know! *She takes the Amulet from you without waiting for your reply*


  • Talk to Tokash
  • Return to Cult Territory and defeat the High Priest of Scorpus.
  • Return to Tishlar and speak to Sergeant Tokash.
  • Speak to Voriss Bakal about the object you found.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 5675
  • Money: 4s 760c