Versanto the Master

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Versanto the Master
Location: New Rachival
Rating: 106
School: Tinkerer
Health: 20
Coordinates: 23159 / 25604
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Versanto tells you, Welcome, friend. We Tinkerers of Istaria are the keepers of Technology -- the newest arcane form we Living Races make use of. We construct wondrous and marvelous gadgetry that all walks of life can make use of. Through the use of our formulae and the binding of machinery to shaped essence, we defy the use of the word 'impossible'. Furthermore, we are extremely well-versed in the crafting of all tools, even more so than the Blacksmiths. Our pursuit of Technology has a cost though -- our school does not teach either the gathering of resources, nor the processing of them. It is not an easy school to master, but the rewards of Technology speak for themselves. Do you wish to study the art of tinkering? You will find no better place to study than here with me. I studied with the Master long ago, but have since far surpassed him. One day soon I will show them all how great Versanto can be. You will see!

Versanto is a Tinkerer trainer. He sells Journeyman formulas.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Versanto the Master sells:

Item Cost
Advanced Key Pattern 200Copper 
Journeyman Cargo Belt 11Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Boots 17Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Cap 15Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Leggings 21Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Sleeves 19Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Tunic 23Silver 
Journeyman Cargo Wristband 13Silver 
Journeyman Egg Fabricator 15Silver 
Journeyman Kenaf Fabricator 8Silver 
Journeyman Key 14Silver 
Journeyman Metal Bar 5Silver 
Journeyman Metal Gears 10Silver 
Journeyman Metal Hinges 14Silver 
Journeyman Metal Springs 12Silver 
Journeyman Metal Struts 16Silver 
Journeyman Milk Fabricator 5Silver 
Journeyman Silk Fabricator 25Silver 
Journeyman Standard Cargo Disk 14Silver 
Journeyman Tinkering Spanner 15Silver