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Location: Dralk
Rating: 42
School: Dragon
Health: 1989
Coordinates: 22510 / 28923
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Welcome to my shop, my friend! By Drulkar's Mighty Breath I was hoping one of the Gifted would happen by today, and here you are. Care to examine the latest scales? Amaze your friends or scare one of those hopeless naka with one of my costumes? What do you say?

Vrylliak is a Dragon in Dralk known as an 'Appearance Vendor' who sells various costumes and other visual effects for Dragons.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Vrylliak sells:

Item Cost
Adult Blight-Infused Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Adult Galactic Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Ancient Blight-Infused Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Ancient Galactic Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Expert Tech Kit: Spiky Ball Tail 300Silver 
Expert Tech Kit: Tail Axe 300Silver 
Expert Tech Kit: Tail Blade 300Silver 
Expert Tech Kit: Tail Spear 300Silver 
Juvenile Blight-Infused Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Juvenile Galactic Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Khutit Blight-Infused Dragon Costume 50Silver 
Khutit Galactic Dragon Costume 50Silver