Xerintha: Find a Red Maple Leaf

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Xerintha: Find a Red Maple Leaf
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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Next Quest: Xerintha: Find a Yellow Maple Leaf 

Xerintha has asked you to gather the best red maple leaf you can find from the Maple Treants.

Quest text[edit]

Xerintha tells you, Ah, the leaves. They are many colors in the fall, when they cover the ground they are like a patch-work rug. So beautiful, I have missed it so. I would dearly like one of the best leaves you can find. Large, any color, and unbroken. The leaves from the Maple Treants in the deep forest are of the best quality.

Xerintha tells you, Thank you so much, my friend. Please, travel into the forest, please find and return with a red maple leaf and I will reward you for your trouble.

You've found a Red Maple Leaf! Return to Feladan and show it to Xerintha!.

Xerintha tells you, Thank you so much my friend! I am placing these into a book of memories so that my family may treasure our return home for many years. The red maple leaf represents the fall of Feladan and the blood of the Elves who died defending it.


  • Locate a Red Maple Leaf from the Maple Treants roaming the Feladan Forest
  • Return to Xerintha in Feladan with the Red Maple Leaf

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 17000
  • Money: 7s 500c