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|questtype      = Adventure
|questtype      = Adventure
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Avenge the Fallen (Part 3)
Type: Adventure
Lesser Prelate Ardinn 
Located at:
Tower of Healing 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Avenge the Fallen (Part 1)Memories of the Forgotten (Part 2) 
Next Quest: Remnants of an Artifact (Part 1)Avenge the Fallen (Part 4) 

Having proven to the Order that you are dependable, they have chosen to entrust you with more difficult and challenging tasks. The site of the Great Battle resonates with magical energy to this very day, twisting and befouling the creatures who venture there and the fallen that remained behind after the detonation of Ryson's Artifact.

Quest text

Ardinn tells you, Greetings, Reaver, I have keep abreast of your progress and I must say that you have surprised me. Your resourcefulness and your enthusiasm are heart-warming and so I took it upon myself to meet you. You will do the Order proud, of that I have no doubt.

Ardinn tells you, You have heard of Ryson Stormbringer and the Great Battle, have you not? The site where it took place lies just to the east of the Tower Canyons, beyond the Stone Curtain. It is there, in the sands between Tazoon and this very Tower that Ryson and his army squared off against Torrin Macalir and the Undead Horde.

Ardinn tells you, It was there, on those plains, where Ryson held aloft and detonated the mysterious Artifact. The blast destroyed much of the Undead Horde, including its leader, killed Ryson and left a massive crater in the ground that remains to this very day.

Ardinn tells you, It left more than scoured sand, a crater, and thousands of dead. No, it also left behind a residue of magic that clings to the very ground. That residue and the clinging effects of the blast have created chaos in the region, twisting and befouling anyone who ventures there.

Ardinn tells you, It is this very effect that I wish to discuss further with you. You see, over the years many of our Curates and Prelates have entered the region trying to help those in need, looking to find a way to cleanse the residue from those who have fallen and those creatures that remained behind.

Ardinn tells you, Few returned and those that did not have become tainted. It is those Ardent Prelates that I must send you to destroy now for they do nothing but work to spread the residue and taint. Should they ever leave the confines of the crater, I worry for the future of Aradoth itself!

Ardinn tells you, I take no pleasure in what you had to do, <player>. It grieves me greatly that we were forced to use such drastic measures to prevent the spread of the taint. Those souls were doomed and while part of me grieves at their suffering, another part rejoices that you have helped contain the spread and have sent them to their eternal rest.

You have received 40 Clerical Token.


Target mobs