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|questtype      = Adventure
|questtype      = Adventure
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|school        = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=school|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
|level          = 45
|level          = 42
|item          = Scepter of Ballinth
|item          = Scepter of Ballinth
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|race          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=race|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}

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Avenge the Fallen (Part 4)
Type: Adventure
Lesser Prelate Ardinn 
Located at:
Tower of Healing 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Avenge the Fallen (Part 3) 
Next Quest: Avenge the Fallen (Part 5)(Daily) Clerical Order: Avenging the Fallen 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Scepter of Grantokh

Having proven to the Order that you are dependable, they have chosen to entrust you with more difficult and challenging tasks. The site of the Great Battle resonates with magical energy to this very day, twisting and befouling the creatures who venture there and the fallen that remained behind after the detonation of Ryson's Artifact.

Quest text[edit]

Ardinn tells you, I thank you for your efforts to the Order and to all of Aradoth, <player>. Our work remains incomplete while two of the most twisted creatures still roam the Great Battle site.

Ardinn tells you, Some years ago before the canyons around this Tower became infested and before we fully understood the nature of the residue within the Great Battle, teams were sent there to search for survivors, for relics, and to ease the passing of wayward souls.

Ardinn tells you, Two of the first expeditions never returned from their journey, but all who came after encountered them. They were tainted by the residue in the crater and have become amongst the fallen.

Ardinn tells you, The difficulty now lies with the fact that they were high ranking Prelates and also quite powerful. Furthermore, they retain their Scepters of office which give them even greater power. It is these scepters that we must recover, <player>!

Ardinn tells you, <player>, you will be remembered for your deeds! Of that I am sure. You have done a great thing by helping end the torment of two fallen brothers. All of us here in the Order thank you.

You have received 40 Clerical Token.


Target mobs[edit]