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Dimensional Apparatus
Item type: Dragon Scale
Slots used:

Hoard value: 960
Sell value:
Attuned: yes
Tier: Tier 6


Created using the formula Epic Tool Claw: Dimensional Apparatus.

Creation requirements

Resource Need Skill Min/Opt Skill
Shard of the Riftrender 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200
Imbued Shard 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200
Unformed Scale 1 Dragon Scalecraft 1200


No creatures seem to drop it.

Looks like Dimensional Apparatus isn't available as a collectable resource.

Looks like noone buys this item.

Looks like noone sells this item.


Rewarded from

Dimensional Apparatus does not look like it's rewarded.

Required for

Dimensional Apparatus does not look like it's required for any quest.