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Fall of Tazoon: Grant Smyth
Type: Story
Lieutenant Frathoom Bakhtor 
Located at:
Imperial Army Camp 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 1) 
Next Quest: Grant Smyth: Threat of Wolves 

The fall of Tazoon has created chaos and confusion throught the region. Many refugeeshave fled to camps and villages nearby, but some have yet to be found. Guard Devin has asked that you seek out the fate of Grant Smyth, who was previously imprisoned within Tazoon, but may have escaped during exodus.

Quest text

Frathoom tells you, What better time to make an escape from justice than during a catastrophe, wouldn't you agree, Glejdur? Nevertheless, Guard Devin's concerns regarding Grant are valid and I feel compelled to make his concerns our concerns.

Frathoom tells you, Furthermore, regardless of the fact that Grant was a convicted criminal, he was also a citizen of the Empire and therefore it is my duty to protect those who may have survived. And, of course, to try and identify the fate of those who did not.

Frathoom tells you, If, as Guard Devin states, Grant was close behind him as they fled out of the South Gate of Tazoon then we can rule out much of the surrounding lands to the north and east. In addition, we know for a fact that Grant is not here in this camp and he has not fled east towards Harton Valley or Feladan. I have had soldiers stationed along the road who would have spotted him.

Frathoom tells you, No, he is either in the village of Kaiyar to the west or somewhere in the deserts near Tazoon. If he is between here and the walls of Tazoon then he will likely have been caught by the welger, but west of the gate there is a large expanse of empty desert that stretches almost to the Great Battle itself. Someone wandering there could easily become turned about and find themselves lost.

Frathoom tells you, Good luck on your search, Glejdur. And be careful should you venture close to the south gate of Tazoon; it is heavily guarded by the Welger.

<upon reaching the Village of Kaiyar talk to Brienaire>

Brienaire talls you, I'm sorry I have not seen anyone named Grant here.

<Qest updates with> Grant Smyth doesn't seem to have reached the village of Kaiyar. You should search in the desert.

<When you find a small camp the quest updates> You have found a makeshift camp. Would that man be Grant Smyth?

<Speak to Grant Smyth>

Grant tells you, Hello... <Player>, is it? One of the Gifted. What brings you out this far into the desert? Searching for me? Well, as you can tell I was quite lost...


  • Talk with Lieutenant Bakhtor
  • Search for Grant Smyth in the Village of Kaiyar west of the Imperial Army Camp
  • Search for Grant Smyth in the desserts west and southwest of the Tazoon Walls
  • Speak to Grant Smyth

Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 20400
  • Money: 25 silver