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|health = 4200
|health = 4200
|port  = [[Land of the Exiled]]
|port  = [[Land of the Exiled]]
|image  = Fallen_Adventurer.png
==Quests available==
==Quests available==

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Fallen Adventurer
Location: [[port::Land of the Exiled]]
Rating: 100
School: [[school::Dragon Adventurer]]
Health: 4200
Coordinates: 2798 / 42365
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Quests available

QuestAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Dark Stalker1000
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Hounds1000
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Traitors1000
Land of the Exile: Vengeance1000

Fallen Adventurer sells:

Item Cost
[[SellItem::Fallen Paladin Ally]] 20 [[Blood Shards]]
[[SellItem::Shadow Hound Ally]] 20 [[Blood Shards]]
[[SellItem::Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Bloodied]] 6 [[Blood Shards]]
[[SellItem::Weapon & Scale Tech Kit: Blood-Thirsty]] 6 [[Blood Shards]]
Facts about "Fallen Adventurer"
CoordX2,798 +
CoordY42,365 +
Health4,200 +
Rating100 +