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Grant Smyth: Legacy
Type: Adventure
Grant Smyth 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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Previous Quest: Grant Smyth: Threat of Wolves 
Next Quest: Grant Smyth: Fate 

The fall of Tazoon has created chaos and confusion throught the region. Many refugeeshave fled to camps and villages nearby, but some have yet to be found. Guard Devin has asked that you seek out the fate of Grant Smyth, who was previously imprisoned within Tazoon, but may have escaped during exodus. Grant has been fed and clothes and now has a request of his own, one of a more personal nature.

Quest text

Grant tells you, <Player>, thank you for your help. I wonder if you could do me another favour...

Grant tells you, You see, my father used to come see me regularly while I was imprisoned. He would stand at the base of the tower and shout up. I could hardly see or hear him, but it was enough to know that someone was there who cared. The guards couldn't have cared less about it, he could not climb the tower and they would have cut him down had he tried.

Grant tells you, He has almost assuredly heard of the destruction of Tazoon by this point, but he has no word from me. I know, I know, you are wondering why I don't just leave and tell him myself, yes? Well, it's simple, Glejdur. I don't wish to be imprisoned again!

Grant tells you, That isn't all, however. There are... individuals... who may still be upset with me over the minor, almost insignificant really, situation involving their coin some years ago that may have landed me in the tower-prison. It is possible that they might take issue with my freedom, accidental or not, and may seek me out to obtain retribution.

Grant tells you, Therefore, I believe I may remain here in the desert, hidden, for a while longer. In my self-imposed exile, would you carry word to my father for me? Please, take this, Glejdur, and give it to Jeffrey so that he knows it is truly me. Will you do this?

<After reaching Jeffrey in Dalimond>

Jeffrey tells you, Hello. What can I do for one of the Gifted?

Jeffrey tells you, You're here about my son? Truly? What a fortuitous event! Ever since I heard about the explosion and invasion I have been greatly concerned bout my son. Wose, news from that region is unreliable at best and nobody has been able to tell me where he is or if he even lives.

Jeffrey tells you, You say he lives? His stone! This is wonderful news, Glejdur!

Jeffrey tells you, He found this stone... Must have been thirty years now. His mother, bless her soul, and I took him for a walk on the beach west of town. Do you know Bayn Hill? The beaches of the bay were once a place where some of us went to camp, to watch the stars, sometimes even to swim.

Jeffrey tells you, He was still young, maybe five or six years of age, and he wandered off while our backs were turned. We searched for hours, calling his name, wandering the hillside, even diving into the waters of the bay.

Jeffrey tells you, Finally, as dusk closed in, we found him curled up in the nest of an Ulmus Beetle; a pile of stones just like this one stacked nearby. This stone, however, was the largest and most brilliant and was clenched tightly in his hands.

Jeffrey tells you, I love my son, Glejdur, and I would do anything for him. It has been weeks since I have seen or spoken with him. Will you take me to him?

Jeffrey tells you, He wishes to remain hidden for now? Well, I can certainly understand that; he has spoken before of people who might wish him harm. Very well, for now, I will be patient, but not for long. He is my son after all! Please let him know that I'll be waiting. Take the stone back with you, I cannot imagine him being apart from it for long. Thank you, Glejdur.

<Upon returning to Grant Smyth>

Grant tells you, Ah, good, it is you again. I thought for a moment you were... who is that?

<After defeating Penumbral Edge Assassin>

Grant tells you, That was an assassin, <Player>! Were they after me... or you I wonder. Either way, luck was with us andw e survived! Speaking of luck, did you bring my stone back?

Grant tells you, See! My father would laugh at my superstition, but you had the stone. and despite being set upon by an assassin of the Penumbral Edge, we survived! The stone brings whoever holds it luck. I am sure of it <Player>.


  • Speak to Grant Smyth
  • Travel to Dalimond and tell Grant's Father, Jeffrey, that he lives
  • Return to Grant in the desert southwest of Tazoon
  • Defeat the Penumbral Edge Assassin
  • speak to Grant about the attempted asassination

Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 20400
  • Money: 25 silver