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Grant Smyth: Threat of Wolves
Type: Unknown / Undefined
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The fall of Tazoon has created chaos and confusion throught the region. Many refugeeshave fled to camps and villages nearby, but some have yet to be found. Guard Devin has asked that you seek out the fate of Grant Smyth, who was previously imprisoned within Tazoon, but may have escaped during exodus. You found him lost in the desert west of Tazoon, but now he is asking you to protect him from wolves who have begun to prowl nearby.

Quest text

Grant tells you, As I was saying, I fled the city and became quite lost in the sands. I managed to set up a rudimentary shelter and a fire, but without any tools or a weapon I'm afreaid that food has eluded me thus far.

Grant tells you, Parhaps you would like to help me turn the tables on these wolves, yes? They want to make me into their dinner, so let's turn them into something for the spit here on my fire! And maybe get some hide out if it at the same time, to help reinforce my shelter. What do you say?

<After returning with the items>

Grant tells you, Well done, <Player>! Oh yes, these will both work... These hides are tough and once they dry out in the sun they should become very useful. The steaks, what can I say? They look absolutely delicious!


  • Speak to Grant Smith
  • Loot ten (10) Jade Snapper Hides from the Jade Snappers that are prowling near Grant's Camp
  • Loot six (6) steaks from the Jade Snappers that are prowling near Grant's Camp

Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 20400
  • Money: 25 silver