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Honoring An Old Friend (Part 1)
Type: Crafting
Giltekh Framtor 
Located at:
Expedition Camp 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Snowy Expedition 
Next Quest: Honoring An Old Friend (Part 2) 

Giltekh the Alchemist organized an expedition to this remote island on Aradoth because of a rare plant that grows here. He has come here to honor her memory by creating a potion she wrote about in her journal.

Quest text[edit]

Giltekh tells you, It is rare to encounter anyone in these frigid parts, but here you are. No doubt here to gather the local resources? No? Dantor sent you...Dantor... Oh yes, the scout. I remember now.

Giltekh tells you, He was worried about us. Intriguing, but it is of little consequence to me. Perhaps one of my guards would have something to say about it. I have a dilemma that is consuming my every waking thought, <player>. Perhaps you would stay and hear an old man's grumblings?

Giltekh tells you, It is a simple tale that begins long ago in the snows of Mahagra. I was young and had just entered the field of alchemy. I was apprenticed to one of the greatest alchemists of the Age, a Master Alchemist by the name of Niesa. For years I learned the trade working for her until at last I began working with her.

Giltekh tells you, Oh the potions we created! Masterful! Revolutionary! No potion or salve was too great for us and together we explored the depths of alchemy even while exploring the world, always looking for new ingredients or new uses for old ones.

Giltekh tells you, After many years we both realized we had developed strong feelings for one another and our partnership grew into something much more. <player>, we had but a few years of bliss and then the War came.

Giltekh tells you, Niesa... *he takes a deep breath* Niesa vanished attempting to gather rare plants and roots that now lie within the Eastern Deadlands. She's never been seen since, despite years of searching.

Giltekh tells you, *he takes another deep breath* Those ingredients, she believed, would have formed the basis of a new potion. One she never talked to me about, except to say it would change everything.

Giltekh tells you, More than a decade later, just last year in fact, I was in my study doing a bit of cleaning and I came across a journal. It was Niesa's journal! It contained so much, <player>, more than I could ever have imagined.

Giltekh tells you, I consider myself a Master Alchemist, but she far surpassed my abilities. The potions she had created were amazing. It was on that very day that I resolved to create each of them, to learn from her genius, and to honor her memory.

Giltekh tells you, Which brings us to today and the here and now. I have come to this frigid island, braved the blizzard winds, skirted the lairs of deadly beasts, in search of a plant I had no idea even existed until recently.

Giltekh tells you, To the west of this camp there is a small island that Vanaleir calls "Cross Island". There is a cross that appears to be of ancient Trandalaran make. Unfortunately, <player>, the island is also inhabited by the spirits of some of those very same Trandalarans.

Giltekh tells you, Vanaleir and Dekhail are needed here to guard the camp so perhaps you would go to this island and collect bulbs from the Vilitis Plant that grows there? Be careful of the spirits, though I suspect they will pose little danger to one such as yourself.

Giltekh tells you, I see that those spirits gave you no trouble whatsoever, as I suspected. I also see that you have a large bag of Vilitis Bulbs there, for which I will be extremely grateful. These bulbs will supply the first ingredient of the recipe for what I'm calling Niesa's Rub.


  • Talk to Giltekh about what your task is.
  • Collect sixteen (16) Vilitis Bulbs from the Vilitis Plants growing on Cross Island to the west.
  • Return to the Expedition Camp with the Vilitis Bulbs and speak with Giltekh.


  • Adventure Experience: 36400
  • Money: 7s 450c