Istaria Companion/Preferences

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Lets you manage the program's settings.

General settings

Istaria root directory

This is the directory of your Istaria installation Istaria Companion is using to parse log files. You can change it anytime to a different installation folder if you like.

Program title suffix

You can add a suffix to Istaria Companion's window title, for example your character's name. This is useful when you want to run more than one Companion at the same time. Read more about multiple instaces here..

LootPing settings

Here you can choose between different sounds to be played whenever LootPing detects a certain item looted.

Program error handling

Here you can enable debug logging for Istaria Companion.

NOTE: This is NOT the debugging of Istaria! Activating this option has deep impacts on the performance of both, Istaria Companion and your computer system. Activate this option only if you've been asked to do so.