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[[Category:Helian Ancient Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Helian Ancient Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Helian Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Helian Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Fiery Rift questline]]

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Karane the Historian
Location: Historian's Hill
Rating: 120
School: Historian
Health: 20
Coordinates: 24380 / 22945
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Karane lives slightly outside of Chiconis, to the north on Historian's Hill.

Karane tells you, The path to adulthood is not an easy one and earning your wings to fly is an accomplishment for any young hatchling to be proud of. Myself and the members of the Elder Council have placed some requirements on those hatchlings who wish to start on the path to adulthood. First and foremost, you must have reached level 30 as a dragon and level 20 as a dragon crafter. That is not all, however. Your hoard must be of sufficient size as to qualify, around 250,000 should be enough. And it must have been at least 15 days since you became one of The Gifted to ensure that you will be able to face the trials of the quest.

Quests Available[edit]

QuestAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your PathDragon Adventurer30Dragon Crafter20
Investigate Karane the Historian's TaleDragon Adventurer300
Aratanosh's FateDragon Adventurer80Dragon Lairshaper20
Balennos' RecollectionsDragon Adventurer80Dragon Lairshaper20
ARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the EldersDragon Adventurer1000