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|questtype      = Adventure
|questtype      = Adventure
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|level          = 45
|item          = Enchanted Grave Dust
|item          = Enchanted Grave Dust
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Pacifying the Angry (Part 2)
Type: Adventure
High Confessor Orlinn 
Located at:
Tower of Healing 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Pacifying the Angry (Part 1) 
Next Quest: (Daily) Clerical Order: Enchanted Grave Dust 

The lands immediately surrounding the Tower of Healing have become infested with spirits who have become agitated over the years. The residents of the Tower believe the negative magic built up over the years and emanating primarily from the Great Battle to the east have stirred up these spirits and caused them to be angry and resentful.

Quest text

Orlinn tells you, It would seem, <player>, that our work is not yet complete. Word has been brought to me about more spirits in the canyons around the Tower. They have become enraged and are preventing the residents from reaching the Prayer Stones that are scattered about the canyons.

Orlinn tells you, Unfortunately these spirits are more resilient than the others and more aggressive as well. I sent one of my best Confessors into the canyon earlier today. Go find him and together I pray you will both find a solution.

Altin tells you, Good day, <player>, what can I do for you? The Senior Confessor sent you, did he? Your timing is excellent for I have been studying the spirits and I believe I have a solution.

Altin tells you, You see, the spirits have become greatly enraged and as a result have proven to be immune to all form of magic and weaponry that we at the Tower possess. You are not even the first Gifted to attempt to defeat them!

Altin tells you, However, I believe I have hit upon a solution. The graves of these spirits are scattered about, search them and I believe you will find something to damage these spirits with.

You have acquired Enchanted Grave Dust. Open your inventory and right click Use this item to gain an effect that will help you engaging an Enraged Soul now..

Altin tells you, It worked? *he claps his hands* I knew it would! Excellent. I will tell the Tower Guard so that they might protect us better. What is that you have there? Grave Dust? Confessor Zenous is always looking for that rare commodity.

Orlinn tells you, You have done well, once more, my friend. The spirits are once more at rest and the Canyons are once more safe to travel and for prayer.


  • Talk to Senior Confessor Orlinn
  • Speak with Confessor Altin in the canyons just east of the Tower of Healing.
  • Search for a Defiled Grave and examine it
  • Put twelve (12) Enraged Souls to rest
  • Search Defiled Graves and acquire Grave Miasma to engage Enraged Souls
  • Return to Confessor Altin
  • Return to the Tower of Healing and speak with the Senior Confessor

Target mobs