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[[Category:Crafting Trainer]]
[[Category:Crafting Trainer]]
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Location: Relstaroth's Lair
Rating: 120
School: Dragon
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22608 / 29804
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Relstaroth tells you, Hail dragon. If you are seeking the Gate of Embers, it is on the hillside above this place. Our people are reclaiming knowledge long lost to them, <player>, and soon we shall return to the glory of old.

Relstaroth is a Dragon Lairshaper trainer. He sells Beginner, Journeyman, Expert and Master formulas.

Quests available

QuestAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
Lairshaping Mastery Emblem0Dragon Lairshaper100
Lairshaping Mastery I0Dragon Lairshaper5
Lairshaping Mastery II0Dragon Lairshaper20
Lairshaping Mastery III0Dragon Lairshaper40
Learning to Shape Lairs0Dragon Lairshaper1
Mark of the Grand Master Dragon Crafter0Dragon Crafter100

Available titles

Hint: To (re-)gain any of the titles you just need to visit Relstaroth with the desired crafting school being active.

Title: Expert LairshaperLevel 100 Lairshaper
Title: Grand Master Dragon CrafterLevel 100: Dragon Crafter, Dragon Lairshaper, Dragon Crystalshaper
Title: Journeyman LairshaperLevel 40 Lairshaper
Title: Master LairshaperLevel 100: Crystalshaper and Lairshaper

Relstaroth sells:

Item Cost
Beginner Cast Stone 500Copper 
Beginner Crystalline Lattice 3Silver 
Beginner Excoriation 1Silver 
Beginner Flowstone 3Silver 
Beginner Focused Azulyte Crystal 1Silver 
Beginner Imbued Bar 1Silver 
Beginner Lodestone 500Copper 
Beginner Maelstone 3Silver 
Beginner Primal Essence 1Silver 
Beginner Tri-Cut Gem 500Copper 
Expert Cast Stone 60Silver 
Expert Crystalline Lattice 150Silver 
Expert Excoriation 120Silver 
Expert Flowstone 150Silver 
Expert Focused Azulyte Crystal 40Silver 
Expert Imbued Bar 120Silver 
Expert Lodestone 60Silver 
Expert Maelstone 150Silver 
Expert Primal Essence 120Silver 
Expert Tri-Cut Gem 60Silver 
Journeyman Cast Stone 2Silver 500Copper 
Journeyman Crystalline Lattice 15Silver 
Journeyman Excoriation 5Silver 
Journeyman Flowstone 15Silver 
Journeyman Focused Azulyte Crystal 5Silver 
Journeyman Imbued Bar 5Silver 
Journeyman Lodestone 2Silver 500Copper 
Journeyman Maelstone 15Silver 
Journeyman Primal Essence 5Silver 
Journeyman Tri-Cut Gem 2Silver 500Copper 
Master Cast Stone 105Silver 
Master Crystalline Lattice 260Silver 
Master Excoriation 210Silver 
Master Flowstone 260Silver 
Master Focused Azulyte Crystal 80Silver 
Master Imbued Bar 210Silver 
Master Lodestone 105Silver 
Master Maelstone 260Silver 
Master Primal Essence 210Silver 
Master Tri-Cut Gem 105Silver