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|questtype      = Errand
|questtype      = Errand
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|school        = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=school|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
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|level          = 42
|item          = Pulsing Fragment
|item          = Pulsing Fragment
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|race          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=race|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}

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Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)
Type: Errand
Dennison Jadefellow 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Remnants of an Artifact (Part 3) 
Next Quest:  

You recovered a Pulsing Fragment from the body of the Fallen Patriarch. It would appear to be a piece of Ryson's Artifact that still retains some of its former power.

Quest text

Dennison tells you, I am curious, <player>, if the power we feel is emanating is part of the object itself or rather is simply on the object. Do I make sense? If this fragment were exposed to the energy from the detonation and is coated in magical residue, it might explain much more than if it were somehow creating the magical aura itself.

Dennison tells you, We cannot know without attempting to cleanse any residue from its surface. For that, we will need the assistance of Archbishop Agua at the Tower of Clerics to the south. Here is the artifact, go there and speak to him.

You have received 1 Pulsing Fragment.

Tomas tells you, Istara's Grace be with you, <player>. What service may I offer you this fine day?

Tomas tells you, You discovered a fragment of Ryson's Artifact? Shocking! Dennison wants to cleanse it to remove any magical residue, does he? I am unsettled by the idea of such a powerful and deadly Artifact being in such proximity, but I fear Dennison may be right.

Tomas tells you, I can only think of Blessed water to cleanse this artifact. Please collect 25 units of blessed water from the pool outside. Here is a crystal flask should you need one.

You have received 1 Crystal Flask.

You have collected enough blessed water. Take it back to Archbishop Tomas.

Tomas tells you, Thank you <player>. Now, let us see if this works .

Priest Elvas, come here a moment if you please!

Elvas, would you please take this Artifact and cleanse it with this Blessed water.

Tomas tells you, *he inspects the fragment* It would appear that the cleansing has had little effect, <player>. I can still feel the power within this fragment, though it does appear to have changed its... tone, slightly. Here, take it back to Dennison.

You have received 1 Pulsing Fragment.

Dennison tells you, Ah good, there you are. Have you cleansed the fragment? May I see it?

Dennison tells you, It still emanates power? Fascinating! I suspect what you have is truly an empowered fragment of Ryson's Artifact. It is amazing to think that even after the detonation and all of these years it still emanates power so strongly.

Dennison tells you, I cannot say for sure, but I suspect you may be able to do much with this fragment. It might serve you well as an enhancement to a weapon. Here, take it and use it well <player>.

You have received 1 Technique: Pulsing Artifact Fragment.

You have received 50 Clerical Token.