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[[Category:Lunus Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Lunus Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Helian Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Helian Rite of Passage]]
[[Category:Fiery Rift questline]]

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Semeneth the Ancient
Location: Chiconis
Rating: 125
School: Ancient Dragon
Health: 2600
Coordinates: 24494 / 22328
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Semeneth tells you, Greetings, friend. I have just returned from a brief pilgrimage, and find it's quite good to be home. Have things been progressing well well for us? I see at least that our relations with the other races remain intact, a worry I'd had a few times given some of our fellow dragons' temperaments.

Quests available[edit]

Earn Title: Of the Helian0
Lore: Nyestra Helian0
Helian Path 1: Becoming an Adult Dragon30
Helian Path 3: A Question of Balance: Theed's Challenge30
Helian Path 5: Create a Statue of Your Adult Self30
Helian Path 6: Create a Phylactery of Heavens30
Helian Path 7: Complete Your Journey and Become a True Helian30
Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon Type40
The Stone of Seeking80