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Skalkaar Tutorial 1: Spitfyre's Introduction
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Skalkaar Tutorial 2: Kill Your First Beast! 

You have just woken up as a young hatchling sitting on a strange island you have no recollection of. The hatchling you speak to beckons for you to listen. Will you hear her tale?

Quest text[edit]

Spitfyre tells you, Greetings, my name is Spitfyre! You must be a little confused, but I'm here to tell you that it is okay! Perfectly normal for your first return to be disorienting. Well, let me explain myself. You are one of the Gifted, which means you have been granted the ability to be restored after death to a special shrine, such as the one you just woke up by. This also means that you just died, but have no fear. As one of the Gifted death is only an annoyance, rather than the end.

[1You may feel a bit weak after dying, but it will go away soon enough! Later, once you've grown and become more experienced, a nice meal will help get rid of the weakness pretty quickly.

Right now, you and I are young, just hatchlings. We're smaller than most Dragons and we can't even fly. It is our birthright to soar the skies of Istaria! I have heard the others talk about how amazing it is to watch the mountains and waters pass beneath our wings, to feel the winds on our scales.

I'm afraid now is not the time and you are not ready for that challenge. Soon, perhaps, but for now you must learn to fight and craft so that you will be ready when the time is right to ascend.

Let us get started! You should go speak to my instructor, Karkath. He's a great teacher that can show you how to defend yourself! He's a short walk along the path behind me and through those gates, but do be mindful as he's been known to be a little... eccentric.

If you need help finding him, just talk to me again! I offer directions all around this forest.


Karkath tells you, Ah yes, hello! I'm Karkath, your instructor for today! Well any day really, depends on how quickly you learn.

Speak to me again when you're ready to begin your first task, <player>.


  • Speak with Spitfyre, the hatchling near the shrine you awoke at.
  • Follow the road behind Spitfyre until you reach the beginning of the volcanic area and you see Instructor Karkath. Speak with him!


  • Adventure Experience: 70