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{{Sellsitem|Single Sunflower Seed|s=50}}
{{Sellsitem|Single Sunflower Seed|s=50}}
{{Sellsitem|Single Tulip Bulb|s=50}}
{{Sellsitem|Single Tulip Bulb|s=50}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Chicken Pet}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Chicken Pet|s=500}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Cow Pet}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Cow Pet|s=500}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Deer Pet}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Deer Pet|s=500}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Sheep Pet}}
{{Sellsitem|Spring Sheep Pet|s=500}}
[[Category:Spring Festival]]
[[Category:Spring Festival]]

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Location: New Brommel
Health: 20
Coordinates: 48454 / 15122
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Ssaulios tells you, Greetings and welcome to the Spring Festival, also known as "Through the Glass Portal". Ah, this one had such plans for the festival this year. <player> should have seen all the gala, the pagentry, the plans. But this one supposes it can't be helped. <player> has heard what has been happening on the Island of Ice, yes?

Ssaulios tells you, Oh my! One has not heard?! An expedition was sent out to map and explore the island. But they have been lost in the blizzard. No one has heard from them in quite some time and they were to report back in. It is tragic, this one tells others, truly tragic.

Ssaulios tells you, Many of those Ssaulios had hired to assist with the festival simply did not ever arrive. This one does not know if they simply stayed away out of fear, or something much worse. For another year in a row, it would seem, tragedy has struck our festival. We are just lucky that they did not shut us down completely.

Ssaulios tells you, This year a few of us have gathered here on New Brommel and done our best to begin planting, we've set up a few tents. Gata up at the top of the hill even has some riddles for the Gifted. That was what this festival was supposed to be all about! Joy, celebrating, jokes and riddles, rebirth and renwal of Istaria as flowers bloom and winter fades. It was supposed to be as if one was walking through the magic portal.... But there is always next year, yes? Listen to Ssaulios go on and on. Here, take this pattern and use it to create a mural on your plot or in your lair. Perhaps the symbol on it will bring us all luck for next year.

Ssaulios tells you, Please, go and enjoy the festival. And if you have need of a permit for building a festival tent yourself, I'm sure I can offer you something in trade.

You have received a Spring Event Pattern Shamrock

Quests available[edit]

Rare Foods: Snap Dragon1

Ssaulios sells:

Item Cost
Bag of Sunflower Seeds 100Silver 
Bag of Tulip Bulbs 100Silver 
Bromeliad Flower Seed 50Silver 
Celosia Flower Seed 50Silver 
Dirt 10Copper 
Purple Flax Seed 50Silver 
Single Sunflower Seed 50Silver 
Single Tulip Bulb 50Silver 
Spring Chicken Pet 500Silver 
Spring Cow Pet 500Silver 
Spring Deer Pet 500Silver 
Spring Sheep Pet 500Silver