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|questtype      = Errand
|questtype      = Errand
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|school        = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=school|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
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|level          = 16
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|item          =  
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|race          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=race|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
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<!--add more lines below if necessary.-->
{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=5400|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=5400|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
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Sslanis Militia: Bones of the Ancestors
Type: Errand
Sergeant Tsorash 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 2) 
Next Quest: Bones of the Ancestors 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Crate of Ancient Bones

A great sinkhole was discovered on the Isle of the Drowned and the Sslik investigated. They have barely contained the Fyakki that swarmed out of it. Now, you have investigated the darkness and recovered bones from ancient sarcophagus. Sergeant Tsorash is sending you to learn more about who these ancient people may have been.

Quest text

These bones are old, <player>, very old and this one knows very little about ancient history. This one is not sure if they are Sslik or something else. Tsorash would recommend <player> speak with Vrex the Learned for that one may know more about the bones.

You have received 1 Crate of Ancient Bones.

What brings <player> to Vrex? Yes, yes, this one knows much about history and can assist one with learning more about ancient bones. Where were these found? In the caverns beneath the Isle of the Drowned, you say? Most intriguing.

Yes, yes, these bones are most ancient <player>. Does one see their size? The bones are too large for Saris and far too old for the Sslik. This one suspects what the bones might be, but would like a second opinion. Travel to Kion, <player>, and speak with the Geleon the Wise.

Welcome, welcome, <player>, what brings you to my patch of shade beneath Merrasat's Eternal Gaze? Ancient bones? Oh, this island is littered with them. The Saris have been here since the beginning.

Vrex says they are not Saris or Sslik bones, does he? Larger than normal? Hm, curious. Well, let me see them then! *he examines the bones closely* Yes, yes... *he mutters to himself* These are very old, indeed, and my esteemed colleague was correct. They are not Saris or Sslik. I would suspect they are Half-Giant or given their age, likely Trandalaran!

You discovered these bones where, <player>? Buried in sarcophagus beneath the Isle of the Drowned, you say? *he shakes his head* Fascinating! I suspect there is more to this story, my friend. Leave the bones with me and I will study them in further detail.


  • Speak with Vrex the Learned in the Barricade about the ancient bones
  • Travel to Kion and speak with Geleon the Wise


  • Adventure Experience: 5400
  • Money: 2s 500c