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|questtype      = Adventure
|questtype      = Adventure
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{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=4000|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=4000|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
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Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 1)
Type: Adventure
Vrex the Learned 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 2) 
Next Quest: Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 2) 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Bloodletter Chitinous Hide

A powerful earthquake has shaken the Island of Lesser Aradoth and caused great concern amongst the residents of the town of Sslanis. The Sslik found the deadly fyakki swarming out of a great hole and have managed, for now, to contain them behind a barricade. Without the assistance of the Gifted the barricade will surely fall in time.

Quest text

<player>, this one must speak. This one has learned much of the history of Lesser Aradoth, the Sslik and the Saris. The Saris have a legend that is most curious and that this one wishes to tell to <player>. Will that one listen?

The legend speaks of the Bloodletters, a deadly brood of fyakki that roamed the jungles of Lesser Aradoth more than one thousand years ago. It speaks of death and chaos the brood caused and of many failed attempts to destroy them by the Saris. For centuries before the jungles that the Sslik now call home were empty and few ventured there for the Saris much preferred the sandy beaches and central lakes of the island. Into this jungle came the Bloodletters, quietly at first and the brood built large hives and nests and multiplied.

The Bloodletters, however, were not content to remain in the jungle for the fyakki desire battle, warm blood and fresh lands to overrun and consume. The warriors of the Bloodletters began attacking the Saris nearest the jungles, killing many and disrupting trade. Eventually, the danger reached the Crystal Lakes and Parsinia itself and the Saris could no longer ignore the threat.

The Saris fought back and war raged for many years. Despite many deaths and setbacks the Saris were able to push the Bloodletters back into the jungle, but could not root them out for the brood was entrenched and defended their hives with deadly abandon.

In the end, the Saris say that Merrasat herself intervened. Fire rained down upon the jungle, burning it, and chasing the Bloodletters into the caverns of the mountains of the island. Merrasat, however, was not content and the island shook for the goddess' anger was terrible. For days the land rumbled and groaned, causing much damage in the villages and towns of the Saris, but numerous rockslides eventually sealed the caverns and the Bloodletters inside. They were never seen or heard from again, until now.

This one is afraid the fyakki that now overrun the island and threaten our jungles once again are the very same Bloodletters of legend. Go speak with Tsorash as that one knows much of the current threat.

<player> has learned of the legends of the Bloodletters, that is good. The killing of the Wildlings nearest this barricade was also good. However, if the Sslik and the Gifted are to learn more of this threat one must venture onto the island itself. Go there, friend, and kill Brutes and Savages that roam the island. Collect parts of the chitinous hide from Savages as proof and return to the barricade.

Well done, <player>. The prowess of the Gifted cannot be denied. This one will utilize Carmelia again very soon.


Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 4000
  • Money: 2s 500c