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|port          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=port|Inner Sanctum}}
|port          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=port|Inner Sanctum}}
|quest previous = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=quest previous|Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10)}}
|quest previous = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=quest previous|Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10)}}
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|quest next    = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=quest next|Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Conclusion)}}
{{RequiredItems|Twilight Essence}}
{{RequiredItems|Twilight Essence}}

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Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 11)
Type: Adventure
Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer 
Located at:
Inner Sanctum 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10) 
Next Quest: Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Conclusion) 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Twilight Essence

This quest begins at Ryson located in Inner Sanctum, at the hidden place.

Ryson Stormbringer, the Hero who sacrificed himself at the Battle of Tazoon, seems to be bound to you somehow. Together, you have uncovered a Withered Aegis plot and have rushed to stop a magical ritual from being performed within the Inner Sanctum of an ancient Saris temple known as the Kiatar.

Quest text[edit]

Ryson tells you, You will need to activate the shard to gain its power for a time. While imbued with the power of twilight you should be able to damage the pylons and disrupt the ritual!

Ryson tells you, It does not appear as if the Shard is currently empowered. After so many centuries, it is no wonder! You will need to provide fuel for it to be activated. There was a source in one of the chambers, let us find it!

Ryson tells you, Ah, yes, here we are. Gather the essence from these wisps.

You have gathered sufficient essence!

Ryson tells you, I thought I saw an essence circle in one of the other chambers.

Ryson tells you, Process the Twilight Essence into orbs using the essence shaper here.

You have created the orbs!

Ryson tells you, Well done, <player>. These Orbs should provide the necessary fuel to empower (create) the Shard of Twilight. Should you exhaust your supply, simply gather more essence from the strange wisps and process it here on this shaper.


  • Locate the Chamber of Resistance
  • Loot at least ten (10) units of Twilight Essence from the Eventide Wisps in the Chamber of Resistance
  • Locate the Chamber of Devotion
  • Create five (5) Twilight Essence Orbs using the Essence Shaper in the Chamber of Devotion
  • Talk to Ryson


  • Adventure Experience: 4000
  • Money: 15s