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Created from [[Special: Urn Hammer]] formula. You need ten (10) [[Shining Energy Fragment|Shining Energy Fragments]] to make one {{PAGENAME}}.

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Urn Hammer
Curious tool that seems to be capable of dreaking objects imbued with blood magic
Item type: Urn Hammer
Slots used:

Hoard value: 192
Sell value:
Tier: Tier 6

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No creatures seem to drop it.

Looks like Urn Hammer isn't available as a collectable resource.

Looks like noone buys this item.

Looks like noone sells this item.

Created from Special: Urn Hammer formula. You need ten (10) Shining Energy Fragments to make one Urn Hammer.


Rewarded from

Urn Hammer does not look like it's rewarded.

Required for

Urn Hammer does not look like it's required for any quest.