V'Tieru the Gatekeeper

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V'Tieru the Gatekeeper
Location: Dralk
Rating: 120
School: Elder
Health: 1548
Coordinates: 22755 / 29462
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V'Tieru tells you, If you are not a candidate for the Ancient Rite of Passage, you have no business with me, <player>. If you believe you are ready for the trials, speak with Karane. Until then, do not interrupt my meditation.

Quests Available[edit]

Attunement to the Fiery Rift0
ARoP02 - Trial of the Ancients - Prelude (Helian)100
ARoP02 - Trial of the Ancients - Prelude (Lunus)100
ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak with Vladtmordt100
ARoP11 - Gate of Embers: Introduction100
ARoP12 - Gate of Embers: Ellean's Story Part One100
ARoP17 - Ritual of Journey: Prelude100
ARoP21 - Ritual of Journey: By the Hand of Drulkar...100
ARoP22 - Ritual of Journey: Stars of Attunement100
ARoP23 - Journey to The Rift: The Sleeper100