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+250 [[Ethereal Armor]]
+450 [[Ethereal Armor]]
<br />Duration 10:00
<br />Duration 10:00
<br />Requirements: Current School Level Minimum 100
<br />Requirements: Current School Level Minimum 100

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Void Crystal of Form
Item type: Consumable Crystal
Slots used:

Bulk: 1
Hoard value: 51200
Sell value:

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The Void Crystal of Form drops only from creatures in The Rift.

When Used[edit]

Void Crystal of Form
Delay: 10
Recycle: 0:05
Range: Self only
Consumes: 1
Target Effect: Form of the Void


Only one of the Void Crystals may be active at a time.

Effect: Form of the Void

+450 Ethereal Armor
Duration 10:00
Requirements: Current School Level Minimum 100


Is looted from?
Ancient Manifestation
Elial the Mercenary
Enraged Specter
Faded Ghoul
Forsaken Elemental
Guardian of Blood
Guardian of Bone
Guardian of Heart
Guardian of Mind
Void Fiend
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