(Daily) A Race in the Sands

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(Daily) A Race in the Sands
Type: Errand
Cursan Litus 
Located at:
New Koraelia 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
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An enthusiastic beach runner has challenged you to a race.

Quest text[edit]

Cursan tells you, Let me ask you a question Gifted. When you go to the beach, what is it that you enjoy the most? The breeze? The cooling waves? Or perhaps simply the sun, caressing your skin?

Whatever it may be, it surely isn't the sand, it gets everywhere...

Cursan tells you, Me? I enjoy a good stroll, a swift dash.. A good race! Surely you understand where I'm coming from, nothing beats stretching your legs for a bit before hopping in the water.. Of course we don't hop too deep, you never know what awaits in the depths of the water.

Cursan tells you, So, what do you say? Let's have ourselves a race, shall we? Don't worry, the track is pretty simple. All you need to do is run to cluster of rocks and palms at the eastern end of this beach, turn back, head all the way to the docks, and then run right back over here. You'll only win if you beat my time though!



Cursan tells you, Go!!!

You've reached rocks and palms at the eastern end, now quickly head back to the center and then continue on to the docks!

Halfway there...hurry on to the docks!

You've reached the docks, now all that's left is the final stretch...

You've beaten the Beach Runner's record! Speak with him for your reward.

Cursan tells you, No!! It cannot be, you beat my record! How did you do it? You must have cheated! You used magic, didn't you!?

<he takes a few calm breaths and seems to relax>

Well, a bet is a bet and you've won, so, here, take your reward, I'm sure you were just lucky! I'm going to spend some time training and when you come back I'm sure you won't be able to beat my new record.

Alternate Fail Text

Oof, looks like you couldn't beat the enthusiast's record, you can probably challenge him again at a later date.


  • Listen to the Beach Runner
  • Listen to the Beach Runner's proposal
  • Checkpoint 1 - Palm Trees
  • Checkpoint 2 - Center
  • Checkpoint 3 - Docks
  • Follow the track laid out on the beach as fast as you can to beat the Beach Runner's record!
  • You've won! Speak with the Beach Runner for your reward.