(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Axe High!

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(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Axe High!
Type: Adventure
Grendulf Justicebringer 
Located at:
Dralnok's Doom 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest:  
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Dralnok's Guard Axe

Grendulf is looking for rare weapons from Dralnok's guard.

Quest text[edit]

Dralnok's guard was some of the best warriors of the Iron Guard. They wielded special axes which were crafted by Dralnok's personal blacksmith.

This one had a special technique to imbue a small amount of magic into the blades to make them sharper and more resistant. But he died before teaching his secrets and his technique was lost.

These weapons are unique now, rare and valuable. But Dwarves think some of them can still be found in these tunnels where Dralnok's guard has fallen. The Elders of Aughundell would like to recover them to promote and reward a new generation of promising warriors. Would you help me with this task?

Thank you, <player>. There is a place where ghosts of the guards are still haunting this place further in these tunnels. You should search there first.

Have you found some axes? Yes? Please show them to me.

Oh yes, these are the real ones! They are still sharp and seem ready to be used again. What a state of the art weaponcraft! Our new warriors will be better prepared to battle with these axes. Thank you, <player>, please accept these Artifact Hunter Tokens for your work.


  • Listen to Grendulf
  • Loot twelve (12) Dralnok's Guard Axe on Fallen Guards
  • Return to Grendulf at the entrance of Dralnok's Doom with the heirlooms

Target mobs[edit]