(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Chimney Sweep

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(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Chimney Sweep
Type: Adventure
Kandoru Hartemo 
Located at:
Shadow Vale 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest:  
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Chimneys Forge Smithing Hammer

Kandoru is looking for the hammers of famous blacksmiths who were slain by the Withered Aegis..

Quest text[edit]

Welcome, <player>. Have you ever heard of a place called the Chimneys? You haven't? I am not surprised, this place is little known nowadays.

It was given this name because of the numerous smoking forges you could find there. The blacksmiths who worked there were famous at their time. But one day, the Withered Aegis came, killed the blacksmiths, destroyed and corrupted everything. There is nothing left of the glorious era of the Chimneys Forges.

The blacksmiths used a special smithing hammer, engraved with the crest of the forge. It is said they were imbued with magic! True or not, these hammers are really rare now. Finding some can lead to substantial profits.

Would you be interested in helping me to get some of these hammers? I will reward you.

Thank you. You can find the Chimneys north of Last Stand, it is a blighted area.

Welcome back. I believe you have been successful. Let's see these hammers.

We can see they have been used a lot, they have the mark of the Chimneys Forge. They look authentique. Hard to say if there is something magical in them. Anyway, you have my thanks. Take these Artifact Hunter Tokens for your trouble.


  • Listen to Kandoru
  • Go to the Chimneys, a blighted area north of Last Stand
  • Loot ten (10) Chimneys Forge Smithing Hammers on the Corrupted Blacksmiths
  • Return to Kandoru Hartemo at the stone circle of Shadow Vale with the hammers

Target mobs[edit]