Aaric Morgan

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Aaric Morgan
Location: Dalimond
Rating: 1
School: Alchemist
Health: 90
Coordinates: 22754 / 22804
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Aaric Morgan is an Alchemist trainer. He sells Beginner formulas.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Aaric Morgan sells:

Item Cost
Beginner Alchemical Dye 1Silver 
Beginner Alchemical Gem Powder 1Silver 
Beginner Alchemical Metal Powder 3Silver 
Beginner Armor Dye Kit 1Silver 
Beginner Blight Protection Potion 2Silver 800Copper 
Beginner Bolster Armor Potion 4Silver 
Beginner Bolster Dexterity Potion 1Silver 
Beginner Bolster Focus Potion 2Silver 
Beginner Bolster Health Potion 4Silver 
Beginner Bolster Power Potion 2Silver 
Beginner Bolster Strength Potion 1Silver 
Beginner Cognitive Suspension 2Silver 
Beginner Essence Reaping Potion 4Silver 600Copper 
Beginner Essence Transmutation 4Silver 
Beginner Fabric Transmutation 1Silver 
Beginner Gem Transmutation 3Silver 
Beginner Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion 3Silver 
Beginner Glass Nodule 1Silver 
Beginner Glass Vials 1Silver 
Beginner Invisible Dye 1Silver 
Beginner Kinetic Suspension 1Silver 
Beginner Latro's Evasive Aura Potion 3Silver 
Beginner Metal Reaping Potion 1Silver 600Copper 
Beginner Metal Transmutation 1Silver 
Beginner Organic Reaping Potion 3Silver 800Copper 
Beginner Quint's Quickstep Potion 4Silver 800Copper 
Beginner Sand 1Silver 
Beginner Sap and Bark Transmutation 1Silver 
Beginner Stone Reaping Potion 3Silver 200Copper 
Beginner Stone Transmutation 2Silver 
Beginner Tainted Essence Orb 2Silver 
Beginner Tannin Transmutation 1Silver 
Beginner Tensile Suspension 3Silver 
Beginner Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potion 3Silver 400Copper 
Beginner Wood Reaping Potion 2Silver 400Copper 
Beginner Wood Transmutation 2Silver