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Location info:
Destination pad: 28711 / 28868
Travel gate: 28645 / 28897
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: 15
Available lairs: 2
Must be attuned by: Aikhar the Seer
28711 / 28868
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Aiya is a settlement on Island of Falathien.

NPCs located here or nearby

NPC NameSchoolJobXY
Aikhar the SeerGatekeeperGatekeeper28,60628,874

Available portals to

Quests found at Aiya

Quest name Started at Min levels
Adv. / Craft
Adv. / Craft

Attunement: Aiya Aikhar the Seer

none / none

Attunement: Elia Aikhar the Seer

none / none