Ancient Banner of Palmyra

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Ancient Banner of Palmyra
A banner of the rarest steelsilk, with a shaft carved from the body of a Thornwood Treant, this banner decips the great Dryad city of Palmyra, now lost to the Blight and the Withered Aegis. Runes, sewn in a mithril thread, line the edges of this tattered banner.
Item type: Hoard Item
Bulk: 1
Hoard value: 2500
Ancient Banner of Palmyra.jpg

Looted from

Adept Urden
Agh'kuk Gatherer
Agh'kuk Scout
Agh'kuk Warrior
Ancient Mummy
Angry Spirit of Zuan
Atheg the Adept
Befouled Defender
Bloodletter Brute
Bloodletter Egg Layer
Bloodletter Overlord
Bloodletter Savage
Bloodletter Shaman
Bloodletter Wildling
Bloodletter Worker
Bronze Sentinel v0.6b
Cabal Adept
Cabal Agent
Cabal Ambusher
Cabal Diviner
Cabal Marker
Captain Brak
Commander Torrek
Decayed Grulet
Defiled Healer
Deranged Priest
Disgraced Soultaker
Drowned Druid
Drowned Guardian
Drowned Knight of Creation
Drowned Paladin
Drowned Sorcerer
Drowned Spirit
Drowned Warrior
Elite Bone Vindicator
Elith the Disgraced
Embossed Dragon Trove (T1)
Faded Concubine
Faded Trandalaran
Flesh Arcanist
Flesh Master
Flesh Shepherd
Flesh Vindicator
Gate Guardian
Grit the Warrior
Illinos the Sanguine
Infected Bloodletter
Invae Guardian
Invae Patrol
Invae Pillager
Invae Raider
Korath Vatoom (Creature)
Lesser Flesh Master
Lieutenant Borlak
Minor Anchor
Putrid Husk
Risen Adept (Lesser Aradoth)
Risen Archer
Risen Atta-nuk
Risen Crawler-Tamer
Risen Marauder
Risen Patrol Leader
Risen Patroller
Risen Patroller Leader
Risen Raider
Risen Townsman
Risen Townswoman
Ritual Apprentice
Rotted Guard
Rotted Priest
Sanctum Guard
Sanctum Knight
Sanctum Sentry
Sandstone Chest
Sandstone Chest Mimic
Scorched Risen Marauder
Sergeant Khar
Sergeant Tarn
Sergeant Vekh
Skeletal Protector
Skeletal Ravager
Spectral Bloodmage
Spirit of Attor
Tallinth the Sullied
Uddorakh the Ritual Master
Unclean Healer
Unclean Warrior
Undead Ogre
Urden's Blade
Urgat the Wicked
Urgat's Guard
Vannes the Cabalist
Vengeful Spirit
Vorath the Hated
Weaker Risen Marauder
Weaker Straw Blight
Withered Grand Magus
Withered Patrol

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