Become an Expert with Teeth and Claws

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Quest type: Adventure
From NPC(s): Periado the Veteran
Required adventure school: Dragon Adventurer (level: 70)
Locations: Dralk
Previous quest(s): Become Adept with Teeth and Claws
Next quest(s): Become a Master with Teeth and Claws
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:

Learn more secrets of Tooth and Claw from Periado

Quest text[edit]

Speak with Periado

<player>! It is good to see you have returned. Still in one piece and everything? Good. Dragonkind needs mighty warriors such as yourself. Are you ready to continue your training?

My commander always told me to put wisdom and intuition before skill and prowess. A sharp mind is far more dangerous than a sharp claw; tactics are the key. General Malganival was quite likely the single greatest tactician ever to grace Istaria. That being said, both he and Scholar Helian respected one another intellectually, even though they differed in personal philosophy. In the end, all drakes are created equal; it's how your potential is realized that matters.

Ah, well, enough philosophy. This is a matter of war. Our enemies seem to be numberless, but numbers alone do not determine victory. Go now to the Western Deadlands. Annihilate eight of the Abscessing Aegror you find there. Be careful of their allies, they are not always alone. Return to me when you are done.

Defeat eight (8) Abscessing Aegror within the Western Deadlands.

Game Feedback: The unrelenting attacks of the foul creatures almost proves too much for you, but again you emerge triumphant. Return to Periado to gain a greater understanding of combat.

Return to Periado

Excellent, <player>. It pleases me to have someone I can pass my knowledge on to. You make me proud, <player>. I think the General - my friend Lunus - would be proud as well. He was not one to overlook even the lowliest soldier or the smallest detail. That is an important lesson and you should learn it well. Always be mindful of that which is around you. Knowing your enemy as you know yourself will allow you to develop a strategy and crush your foes. Think on this as we spar, and don't hold back!

Game Feedback: You and Periado clash with such force that the very ground beneath you shakes. He moves with a sinuous grace nearly unseen among dragons these days. Time and again he almost defeats you, until you land a telling blow and Periado falls. He grins approvingly as he gets back up. In a moment, he stands tall again.


  • Speak with Periado
  • Defeat eight (8) Abscessing Aegror within the Western Deadlands.
  • Return to Periado

Target mobs[edit]