Berserk Duskenwylf

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Berserk Duskenwylf
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School: Werewolf
Tier: Tier 3
Creature Type: Semi-intelligent
Attack Types: Slash

Attacks on sight:

Creature does aggro when passing by.

Is social:

Creature does aggro companions to fight you.




22628 / 25642

Found in the Dusk Forest.



Buffed with Wylfen Rage.


Ancient Staff of the Sorcerer
Antiquated Axe
Armor and Scale Defense Tech Kit: Evasion III
Duskenwylf Ear
Duskenwylf Fang
Exquisite Necklace
Gold Metal Nugget
Golden Bell
Golden Coffer
Golden Crown
Golden Scepter
Golden Urn
Hardened Leather Band
Oak Wood Strip
Orb of Truth (Drop)
Ornamental Axe
Priceless Necklace
Ruined Dragon Chest Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Foreleg Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Head Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Hindleg Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Wing Scale: Steel
Ruined Gold Bracelet Gem Setting
Ruined Gold Bracelet
Ruined Gold Earring Gem Setting
Ruined Gold Earring Post
Ruined Gold Necklace Chain
Ruined Gold Necklace Pendant
Ruined Gold Ring Gem Setting
Ruined Gold Ring
Ruined Hardened Leather Wrappings
Ruined Oak Bow Limb
Ruined Oak Crossbow Stock
Ruined Oak Crossbow Trigger
Ruined Oak Staff Limb
Ruined Oak Weapon Handle
Ruined Oak Wood Shaft
Ruined Steel Battle Axe Blade
Ruined Steel Broad Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Dagger Blade
Ruined Steel Large Axe Blade
Ruined Steel Long Spear Blade
Ruined Steel Long Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Mace Crown
Ruined Steel Maul Head
Ruined Steel Short Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Sword Pommel
Ruined Steel Two-Handed Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Warhammer Head
Scale Hardener: Steel
Steel Metal Nugget
Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Tactician Spirit III
Werewolf Claw

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