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Biped refers to the two-legged races of Istaria, as opposed to Dragons. Essentially, this is any race that is non-Dragon. Bipeds can also be referred to as "peds" in-game, or "naka", which is the word for "two-legged" in the Dragon language.

The biped races of Istaria are as follows:

Biped Adventurers[edit]

Biped races can join and switch between any of the 28 biped Adventure Schools. A Biped gains experience in the current school, but uses the best Statistic and Skill increase over all the schools they joined. Abilities can also sometimes be carried over between schools, usually when they have been mastered. This allows the biped player great customization of their character, and flexibility in play.

The current adventure school of a biped limits the equipment and spells that they can use. Many spells and some equipment can be used even when a biped belongs to a school that does not give any levels in the skill needed to use them. For instance, a Cleric can use Two Hand Crush weapons, but gains no skill to use them. If the Cleric has gained the Two Hand Crush skill from a different school (e.g. Guardian or Chaos Warrior), then they can use Mauls (for example). Similarly, a Knight of Creation gains no skill in the Ice magical skill, but can use Ice spells like Stinging Cold to lower enemies' evasion if they gained Ice skill from study as a Sorcerer, Conjurer, Mage or Ice Disciple.

Bipeds with multiple adventure schools face one disadvantage, less experience gain from combat. The experience award calculation compares their Adventure Rating to the monster level, rather than the current school level. So bipeds with multiple schools fight monsters near their adventure rating, rather than their school level, or must gain experience from other sources.

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